5 thoughts on “Setting Up NAZA Return to Home on Spektrum DX6i

  1. Thanks for the tutorial for Spektrum DX6i and Naza. It works fine.
    But I have one question. It is not possible to set the switches to M mode. This M setting is needed to get Naza into its calibration mode. How did you do that ?

    Thanks, Michael

    • I’ve run into the same issue… I do have a new setup that I’m testing now that allows for Manual, ATTI & GPS modes! This allows you to enter calibration mode, stay tuned for a video on that setup soon.

      • Brook,

        to get the thing calibrated, I set travel adjust for gear switch from +80% to -80%. This makes the switch move between Manual and GPS mode for calibration.
        After calibration I set it back to =0% for Atti and -80% for GPS mode.
        Of course manual mode while flying is not possible.


      • Almost forgot to ask…
        How many channels of the DX6i are being used ? I understand that normal flying need 4 channels, but how many does the switch use ? And is there a channel left for camera applications ?

        Thanks again, Michael

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