DJI iPad Ground Control Station FAIL

My first fully automated drone flight with with the DJI iPad Ground Control Station… Didn’t go as planned. The iPad GCS app for iOS7 was just released, so I thought I would give it a try. Everything seemed to be working great I did an Attitude mode flight with my TX right before this to ensure the F450 was flying OK. Everything checked out. It had GPS satellite lock before takeoff and linked to the iPad GCS flawlessly. It took off on the “GO” command and flew part way through the flight plan before veering way of course and slamming itself into the ground….. sigh.

3 thoughts on “DJI iPad Ground Control Station FAIL

  1. Sorry to see the maiden flight end this way. Any update or understanding of what went wrong?
    I’m thinking of making my next ‘copter a DJI model. Any advice?
    Ron in San Jose

    • Overall I think DJI makes a quality product… I think sometimes they get unfairly judged because they sell the plug and play idea, when in reality its not that simple.

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