DJI iPad Ground Control Station FAIL

My first fully automated drone flight with with the DJI iPad Ground Control Station… Didn’t go as planned. The iPad GCS app for iOS7 was just released, so I thought I would give it a try. Everything seemed to be working great I did an Attitude mode flight with my TX right before this to ensure the F450 was flying OK. Everything checked out. It had GPS satellite lock before takeoff and linked to the iPad GCS flawlessly. It took off on the “GO” command and flew part way through the flight plan before veering way of course and slamming itself into the ground….. sigh.

DIY Over the Shoulder Camera Rig

I built this Third Person View camera rig to wear around Vidcon 2013.

The idea came from a rig that Indy Mogul’s Griffin Hammond wore around the South By Southwest film festival this year.

I was really pleased with the results. The interesting thing about this view is that, unlike many first person view body mounted GoPro rigs where the footage can be quite shakey, this always keeps my head in frame. Giving the viewer something to lock onto and making the footage appear much smoother.

Here is our video from Vidcon 2013